Black Mass Rising is Shazzula’s ( Kenneth Anger inspired )label, it’s also a music festival and a movie. A few months ago I got involved in it. The movie is now available on DVD in a limited edition of 666 copies ( 120min. )to buy from this link: ” A pure apocalyptic, dark, religious, mystic movie thematics. No blood, no violence, all darkest imageries “. Its soundtrack is also released separately on limited edition vinyl ( a box of 3 LPs). Musicians involved include The Entrance Band, Bobby Beausoleil, Kawabata Makoto, Rose Croix, In Zaire, Mater Suspiria Vision, Shazzula, Sayona, Menace Ruine, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, L’Acéphale, etc…

All photos of me are study shots by Shazzula for her Black Mass Rising movie ( entirely shot with an I-Phone).



Shazzula is a restless artist from Brussels, Belgium. Psychedelic experimental musician ( ex-member of Parisian acid/punk band Aqua Nebula Oscillator on lead vocals, theremin & synthesisers ), she is a world renown DJ of obscure heavy psych records and a band booker. She also takes beautiful photographs with her phone. Here is her blog: