Two of my Super-8 filmstills that I shot of french photographer / contemporary dancer Aëla Labbé last September on the beach in Brittany have been published in the Issue 5  ” Metamorphosis ” of the wonderful english magazine Magpie, curated by the lovely Michaela Meadow. Thanks so much to her !

You can buy a copy of this issue and see more content details here.

My friend Hanna Tuulikki from Glasgow made the stunning cover artwork / illustration !

This issue also includes the work of a bunch of talented women artists like english photographer Ellen Rogers ( for Laura Lambroni & Madeleine Nie’s DAPHNE DESCENDS ARTS & CRAFTS ), Aëla Labbé, Laura Makabresku, Hortense Lagrange ( aka Colette St Yves ), etc … and a few men’s work I like too, like Mister Mathieu Mondoux’!

and it includes a compilation Cd of lovely music, including material from my friends Julia Kent ( cellist of Anthony & the Johnsons ), Arborea, Jozef Van Wissem, etc …


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