A la source… with Aëla Labbé

A perfect moment of Life, Joy and Beauty while I was so down… I treasure these photos of me and my (god) son Alexandre, 7 years old, by my dear Aëla Labbé. Thanks so much to her and her magic…  Shot by the pond in the garden of my cousins ( who are also called Labbé ) and at the source of my dead father Charles’ homeland in Finistère, Brittany ( in the ” Black Mountains ” ). My great grandmother used to wash the clothes of the family at this source…

To see more of Aëla Labbé ‘s wonderful work…   : http://www.flickr.com/photos/aela/

Model for Rebecca Cairns



Rebecca took also beautiful photos of herself at mine, including one that got used for her show at Salon Daguerre in Czech Republic:



Photos: Rebecca Cairns ©

For days we took photos of each other. It was beautiful. I love her dearly.

You can view more of her work here on her blog:   http://blog.rebeccacairns.com/

or on her website: http://www.rebeccacairns.com/