this is Jeanne Madic’s blog

Jeanne Madic by Lars Botten 72dpiphoto by Lars Botten ©

I started this blog to display my work and my collaborations as a model or as a visual artist / musician.
I am an analog / film photographer, Super-8mm filmmaker, singer / accordionist based near Paris, France. I am teaching myself harp at the moment. I perform slow music under the name Vanishing Twins.

From being an actress, I keep this habit of collecting all sorts of props all the time ( my house is full of them ! ) and I’m always looking for antique accessories.

You can buy prints of my photos / still frames from the films that I made and that are displayed on this blog. Simply go and visit my store:

( ps: but if you can’t find a particular image that’s not on it and that you’d like to own please send me an email  : madic ( dot ) jeanne ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com  and I will set up a private link for you. )

I also have a Tumbl’r where I display only the photos that I took:

Thank you all so much ! xoxo

Jeanne Madic by Lars Botten 2 72dpiphoto by Lars Botten ©

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